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Safe Driving Tips

At National Ute & Truck Rentals Dee Why we do everything we can to ensure the safety of our customers.They are regularly inspected and maintained to a high standard.

Some Tips for Safe Driving:

1. Ensure Correct Posture

Before you start the engine, adjust the seat to suit you. This provides good visibility prevents driving fatigue. You should then put your seatbelt on and ensure passengers have also got theirs on.

2. Check Your Braking Technique

Don’t slam on the brakes as this may cause an accident through loss of control.It is best to take it slow when you need to brake a Ute or Truck at traffic lights, intersections or when you have reached your destination. Apply slight pressure on the pedal and gradually start to increase the pressure to bring the vehicle to a standstill.

3. Focus on Smooth Steering

Depending on how full you have loaded the Truck up, you could be carrying up to 3 tonnes. Approach turns slowly to ensure it’s smooth ride. Reduce your speed before the turn and don’t proceed to accelerate until you are on a straight road.

4. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

While driving a Ute or Truck, you need to be more aware of all obstacles. When planning your route, take into consideration bridges and height limits amongst other obstacles. When you park, make use of street parking instead of garage or carport. This will ensure you don’t damage the top of the truck or any upright items in a Ute. Be cautious of low-lying tree branches.

5. Take Care in Extreme Weather Conditions

As the vehicle is unfamiliar it’s important to take extra care when driving. Extreme weather conditions such as rain, hail and fog may hinder your driving ability and it’s important to slow down. Take a look at the weather forecast and factor in extra time if you need to. Drive with caution and make sure your headlights are turned on.

6. Don’t Exceed Maximum Passenger Capacity

Our Utes have a passenger capacity of 1 person whereas our Trucks permit up to 2 people. Letting more passengers ride with you is not only illegal but it is highly dangerous. Ensure passengers are seated and wearing seatbelts. Don’t allow anyone to ride in the Ute tray or at the back of the Truck.

7. Plan Your Route

When you plan your trip, think about the time of day you intend to travel. Be mindful when driving at sunset or sunrise as the sunlight can hinder your vision. Avoid these timings if possible, but if you have no other option then use caution.

8. Abide by the Road Rules

Simply follow the road rules as is required in any vehicle on the road. If you stick to speed limits and are courteous to other drivers then you should have a safe trip.

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