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About Us

We understand the challenge you face during relocating. We have faced similar situations in our lives. Relocating is never fun. If we to say that we have made shifting easier and more comfortable, will you believe us?

Our Mission

  • To supply Dee Why’s best Utes and Trucks for rental
  • Strive to become the leading Utes and Trucks supplier for relocating purposes
  • Provide competitive rates to our customers

Our Vision

We are already servicing for more than 10 years. Our vision is to grow more each day and one day become the top Ute & Truck Rentals company in Australia.

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Our Story

Our story is simple. We want to help you relocate with ease, comfort and with efficiency. Because, at Dee Why Ute & Truck Rentals, we believe that shifting a house requires personal attachment. You pack your own stuffs, cover your furniture and load them in the hired vehicle. Your entire family and friends are involved in this too!

  • We are in this business for more than 10 years now. Our success story revolves around our customers in Dee Why.
  • Our first priority is to provide the cleanest Utes and Trucks in Dee Why. To ensure this, we work hard to stick to our hygiene policy.
  • Keeping our Utes and Trucks well maintained is another factor we give emphasis on. You will find spotless, shiny vehicles at our compound.

Relocating is expensive. Hiring a mover means more money. We thought, we can cut down on the money factor, too. We have set reasonable rates. We have also set flexible timings. Our rates are fixed according to the timings. This means, no additional charges and no hidden rates!

We know most of you have never driven a Ute or a Truck before. To make driving easier, we rent Toyota Hilux Utes and Hino Trucks. All our vehicles are automatic transmission and have power steering. The power steering helps to control the motors better. We have fully air conditioned Utes and Trucks.

Thinking about eligibility? You are legal as long as you have a standard car license.

Speciality of Our Utes and Trucks in Dee Why

  • Our Utes have capacity of 1 tonne, 2 seaters and have open cages.
  • The open cages enable maximum loading. You can freely place a fridge and other furniture together.
  • Our Trucks have capacity of 3 tonne and 3 seaters
  • All our Hino Trucks are equipped with hydraulic lifters and tail lifters.
  • Easy to load, easy to drive.
  • We have Weekend Packages for you.

Find Relocating Packages

Our business does not stop at renting the cleanest and quality Utes and Trucks. We are working jointly with National Storage to provide you with complete Relocating Packages. You will find all sizes and shapes of Boxes, Cartons, Covers, Wraps, Foams, papers, Knives, Tapes and many other items here.

You can buy these items and sell them back once you no longer require them.

You are welcome to dial 02 8039 6196